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Lulu Press, Inc., doing business as, is an online print-on-demand, self-publishing, and distribution platform. By 2014, it produced approximately two million titles. The company's founder and CEO is Red Hat co-founder Bob Young. Lulu's headquarters are in Morrisville, North Carolina.

William shared his horrific experience dealing with, "I went with Lulu publishing because I stupidly thought that the service promised was going to be the right one for the publication of my story, I picked out a package and received the paperwork, it was agreed that I could pay my package in installments, I paid two installments worth over £700 British pounds, I was told I had a check in councillor Liz **, I have tried to email Lulu ON ABOUT 8 OR 9 DIFFERENT OCCASIONS AND HAVE HAD NO RESPONSE whatsoever so now I want my money back."


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Charles Augustus Steen III says

"I used to publish my children\'s story. And a few other works. I know that I have sold at least 200 + copies, and I have seen ZERO $$ from them. Also, I stopped using my email account and it was turned off, which was my way of getting into LULU. Now I can\'t put my books on my Kindle account because they are on LULU. I have tried every way possible to contact LULU, they do not respond. I think that we should file a class action on LULU for $100,000,000.00s US because they are a total scam. "

Pete Pecoraro says

"With respect to my comments at Lulu's blog which were deleted: I pointed out that to describe that Lulu's 2020 upgrade was carried out with "a few hiccups" was very misleading and an incredible understatement, to say the least. You deleted that statement, which is solid gold true and not even close to being as harsh as it could be. You can silence commentators, but you are not going to be able to change the minds of hundreds of customers who understand a thing or two about transparency."

Bohdan Shtepan says

"Put an order for 2 printed books 6 weeks ago, it was marked as completed 3 days after that, but the order never arrived."

sam says

"I’ve emailed them 8x, called, and left messages with no response. It seems as though LULU has uploaded the wrong version of my book to distributors. If you want to work with a company that doesn’t email you back, doesn’t answer the phone, doesn’t call you back, LULU is perfect for you. Response to lulu comment on my review: That’s a lie. My project ID is still open. Project#812235.You all are actively assisting me creating my ebook. My paperback just finished.You refuse to answer my emails and calls. I had two questions and A woman actually emailed me back about only one of them. She ignored the question about uploading the wrong version of my book to amazon. Ladies and gentlemen these are the lengths I have had to go to get a response from lulu. Leave reviews all over google and the BBB. Don’t trust them."

David says

"Ordered a book from them that I never received. Company will not track package for me, send a replacement, or refund me. Best they can do is waive shipping if I purchase another copy. Will be requesting chargeback."

William John MacLeod Fraser says

"What happened to Lulu in the last 10 years? When I started out using Lulu as a naive content creator about 10 years ago, it was an amazing site with amazing tools... For some reason in the last 3 to 4 years it has just been going downhill... and the speed of that downhill trend just keeps increasing with ever new and inventive ways of being self-destructive. The straw that broke this camel's back was the new charge for Global Distribution of eBooks. On its own, the introduction of new charges are not that bad... in fact, they are expected from time to time. My complaint comes as the compounded mass of issues, the instant jump to $4.99 from no charges at all and the huge jumps in Lulu's cut of the royalties. Just to outline some of the issues Lulu have ignored for me: 1) Over the last few months I have noticed purchases of my eBooks followed by a 0 royalty line on my account. I have raised this several times to Lulu via the support form only to hear nothing back. The support team seem to be MIA and not bothered in dealing with difficult cases. So not only will Lulu introduce new charges to the Global Distribution but they will not look into why you are not earning the royalties due from those distributions. 2) Books sent for Global Distribution would appear on Amazon with the wrong author and illustrator information. My most recent book had the illustrator marked as the main author... When reported to Lulu, I never received a response, which didn't matter because what happened in issue 3. 3) Books would be marked as Available on Amazon and other sites for about 24 hours before they would appear as "No Longer Available" or "Not in Stock" and when investigated Amazon would say I'd need to contact the imprinter (Lulu) and when they were contacted, guess what, the contact was ignored and no response was given. PS... The books are still showing as No Longer Available on Amazon unless you are in the US where apparently they are in stock. 4) Lulu's cuts of my royalties has cut my profit from Global Distribution eBook sales from 49p per sale to 7p per sale... And as outlined in issue 1, most eBook sales are just showing 0.00 as the royalties from Global Distribution. So even if I was getting the royalties due, I'd need to sell (4.99/0.07=71.28) a minimum of 72 eBooks to make a profit... eBooks are supplementary to my work so I mostly focus on physical copies. But those profit margins have also been slashed to near nothing by Lulu's money grabs. 5) I am aware of a half dozen physical copy purchases made via Amazon in November last year that are yet to appear on my royalties list. As we are now over 6 weeks since the sale was made I'd have expected to see something but haven't. Leading me to believe that Lulu has stolen those royalties. I haven't bothered reporting this... As proven by other problems experienced, what would be the point when the MIA support team don't bother looking into issues. Throughout my time using Lulu I have defended a lot of the strange behaviour of the site overlords to those who often raise concerns about it, and in the last 2 years alone I know of many people who have moved their creation elsewhere and I know of many more in the community looking to do the same as Lulu continues down the Self-Destructive path. For those of us that are not famous named authors we run on very tight margins, especially when working on poetry as I do myself. Lulu's changes in the last few years are making it impossible to keep using them for content creation as a unknown author. Either, Lulu need to engage with their community or they need to do some soul searching, because, if they continue down this self destructive path they will become irrelevant in the publishing world. Over the last 3 months I started using another company for free ebook listing alongside Lulu and now I will be exclusively moving all future work from Lulu and investigating the cost benefit for moving existing work unless Lulu can sort their house out."

Janet Lemond says

"This used to be a great little site to publish. However, since the upgrade it is now impossible to download work. It accepts my files but then it gets hung up while the site says "Your file is normalizing." This goes on time and time again until I give up. What gives? They had something good and utterly ruined it. Do they know how much revenue they are missing out on?"

Deborah Edens says

"Hi, This is a warning to anyone who orders something from LuLu Publishing. DON’T! One of my favorite Photographers from Portland, Or. uses LyLu to print and distribute his yearly Calendars. When his calendar became available in Nov., I ordered one. That was Nov,10. On December 13, I contacted the Photographer directly to tell him it had been a month and my calendar had not arrived. He suggested I contact LuLu. I sent them an email on Dec. 14, and got an immediate, automated response. I heard nothing from them until today, Dec 23. Taylor S, responded to say that too much time had elapsed since I purchased my calendar and therefore they could not trace or offer a refund. OMG I gave them a month to get me the calendar, I ordered early and this is there response. Just keep my $35.00 and nothing in return. What a scam."

Janee Hayes says

"Lulu has the worst customer service I have experienced in the quite some time. Admittedly, I am novice author and there were certain aspects of publishing I was completely ignorant to. However, before I purchased the author's package, I asked would I be walked through the process and everything explained clearly as to minimize missteps. The sales rep (at the time) Logan assured me that everything would be smooth and seamless. Unfortunately, everything has not gone smoothly. But what exacerbates the mishaps with the book is the lack of communication to remedy the issues. I have called, emailed, and submitted inquiries on the support page. No one has returned my call. My emails received sporadic responses. To date, I have received no response to my online inquiries. Due to a lack of communication (on both sides), I require additional services to which I have to pay extra. I have called the number given to me by customer support to submit payment. Not only does the extension listed in the email not exist, the phone number only allows for customers to leave voicemails. I have been circulated through 3 customer service reps so far with none offering solutions to any of the issues. This project is dragging on with my money and my book in limbo. I am very perplexed as to the reason that the customer service has plummeted into the abyss. When I initially started this project I could speak with someone to fix issues within the book. Now, random people respond to the emails with incorrect information...that is, when someone chooses to respond."

Customer says

"The UK printing service is apalling. It arrived with defects in the photos (not visible on the pdf, nor on three other computers). The person printing had downgraded the file before printing. I complained but they have not responded to my complaint which was backed up with evicence and photos. This echos what other people say. They simply do not care once they have your money. Bad job"

Chris Markert says

"Horrible Customer Service for an author , They delivered to me a proof of my book where the pages are to short . It is glued wrongly on the cover , inside you see the glue corner and to make matters worse the entire binding page inside is broken .. so the hardcover falls off on one side. Substandard, actually a complete broken book . I know they use a 3rd party printer in the UK , but they are apperantly not checking the quality despite a letter saying ... Quality checked. If that's the case they should have seen all the binding errors and defects , even a blind person could see it. Contacted customer support and am completely ignored . I don't want my readers to get a substandard book . Incredible. I wish I could attach images. I will have now to switch to IngramSpark to get the hardcovers printed."

Dr R W Dyson says

"I have tried no fewer than six times (under my pen name of Daniel Steward) to get an answer to two simple questions out of Lulu Customer Support (Why is my book - project ID m57g6n - not available in the Lulu Bookstore or anywhere else? Why can I not access or add to my Author Spotlight?) I get either an automated response, the final sentence of which informs me that my query will now be marked as resolved, or no response at all. It is clear that they don't intend to answer me; indeed, I suspect that there is no one there now). In any case, I am being treated with contempt. I can't help suspecting that Lulu must be on the point of going out of business. They certainly seem to have stopped operating in any sensible way at all."

Kelly says

"With companies like Lulu, it's no wonder people flock to Amazon KDP. Numerous issues trying to upload manuscript that simply haven't been a problem anywhere else. On one attempt, it even said that the pages were both Landscape and Portrait at the same time! No support, No chat function, Nothing. Gave up in the end. Life is too short."

Pervaiz Salik says

"The new Lulu was supposed to be better. For 6 months I could not access my account -error in account/password. In desperation I used another account to communicate with LULU but all my projects were missing. LULU apologised and said that an error had occurred. I also noticed that no royalties were paid. They said that they would send it but did not do so. It looks shady to me. I have retired all projects and suggest that you do not use Lulu for ebooks but use draft2digital instead."

David G. M. says

"Thanks Kalyn for yet another useless reply from Lulu. You have the details of the issue and you can look up the cases on your own. You can also see the issue and work to resolve it. Typically, you do not seem to read and understand the feedback provided. I did not say I received an email saying the case was closed. I said I got an email asking for feedback on the closed case. The last communication I got from the latest case (Case 02553325) said: Hello David, I am sorry for the confusion related to this language issue. I can see that you have made this request in the past, and I will be happy to pursue a new line on inquiry on getting these language options added. Our website update in March should make this a much more streamlined process. I will be raising this issue with our development team and will let you know as soon as I have more information for you on this. Best Regards, Carol That was sent on 9/14/2020. So if the process is now so much more streamlined, when will the language list be updated? Will it take another 15 years? Its a drop down menu with preset values. Can't you update the values? Today I received yet another automated email asking for my feedback on a case that has apparently been closed. Unfortunately, there has been no resolution to the issue so I am at a loss as to why the case has been closed. I have been a user of Lulu for over 15 years. I have published over 200 volumes, many of which are in the Syriac and/or Assyrian languages. I and other customers have asked Lulu to add these languages to the language list that is required to have a value when setting up a book several times over the years. Lulu persists in either not understanding the request or simply ignoring it. The problem is that without these languages in the list and with no way for a user to add a value to the list, one must use the default language which is English. Even though I address the issue clearly on my spotlight page and in the individual book descriptions, sometimes customers miss the information and are upset when they receive books they thought were in English. Assyrians are an ancient people and are an historically persecuted Christian community in the Middle East. They have endured genocide in the early part of the last century and more recently severe persecution at the hands of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. ISIS delighted in not only murdering and raping people, but also in destroying the cultural and religious patrimony of minorities in the form of monuments, churches and precious manuscripts and books. They destroy these things to deny and erase their very existence. Its sad and pathetic that Lulu, in continuing not to address this issue, practically aligns itself with such a despicable attitude! Maybe Tim S. could take a moment and actually escalate this issue to someone who can finally address it."


"I am a new Author in lulu.I saw my book is sold but my client has not got the link to download the book form more than 24 hours .I need your assistance on that .Other wise it will be difficult for me to continue"

Florin T says

"beware of unauthorized re-billing"

Tristan O-Fabri says

"THEY WILL USE THE WRONG FILE. Not sure if they did this on purpose, but they have out right refused to fix their mistakes, and have not offered and sort of refund. Shame on LULU, they will steal your money"

John Chenery says

"I've published on Lulu since 2016. During 2020 they dragged their customers onto an updated web platform. It wasn't a nice experience, as a creator, to lose access to books already published, books in progress of designing, or control of distribution rights. Sure, the new platform was essential due to Adobe flash issues, but the manner in which existing customers have been treated is both frustrating and appalling. Since late April 2020 this issue has been ongoing, with little hope of resolution soon. I recreated from scratch one of my books onto the new platform and it printed just fine. Lulu's idea of how to treat customers over the last 6 months is a long way from being at all good."

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